Doctors Excuse Notes For Work & School

We’ve all been there: Sometimes you just don’t feel like going into work. When that happens many of us tell a fib, and if necessary, use a doctor’s excuse and even create a doctor’s note. The biggest problem most of us face is choosing a believable excuse. That last thing we want is our boss thinking us a liar, or even scrutinizing that fake doctors note we submitted. With that in mind, let us consider six key steps of coming up with a doctors excuse for work.

doctor excuse
1. Consider Your Situation and Boss

Keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fake doctors notes and proper excuses. It all depends on your boss and your situation. If you have a boss that is likely to scrutinize doctors excuses, then keep that in mind when choosing the details.

2. Be Creative

When choosing an excuse or creating a doctors note, don’t be afraid to be creative. In other words, think outside the box. If another trip to the doctor won’t fly as an excuse, then consider an emergency room visit or perhaps a non-medical excuse. Although morbid, a death in the family works extremely well in a jam.

3. Aim for Empathy

When it comes to fake doctors notes, the best way to limit scrutiny is to inspire empathy. Empathy occurs when a person can feel your pain, and when you’re seemingly vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to be brutally “honest” about your condition. Even the skeptic will respond to you then.

4. Avoid Repetition

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make is that they go to the well too many times. Remember: Be creative. If you need an excuse that you can use regularly, consider using the dentist as an excuse. We all have to go there twice a year, at least.

5. Avoid Inconsistencies

The second biggest mistake people make is that they’re inconsistent. Don’t contradict yourself. In other words, keep track of your lies. If you say something, write it down, that way you can refer to it when it comes time to say it again or put it to paper.

6. Avoid Easily Identifiable False Details

Lastly, avoid the obvious mistakes, because that’s the way that most people are caught. If you choose to use a doctor’s note template, make sure you choose one that is authentic. Choosing a novelty note will be a dead giveaway that you’re telling a lie. If the boss is likely to scrutinize, don’t give him or her details that are easy to invalidate.

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